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Russians resume assaults on Lyman-Kupiansk front

Russians resume assaults on Lyman-Kupiansk front Russians resume assaults on Lyman-Kupiansk front (Russian media)

The Russian army has resumed assaults on the Lyman-Kupiansk front. Ukrainian forces are repelling the occupant's attacks, according to a spokesperson for the Eastern Military Group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Illia Yevlash.

"On the Lyman-Kupiansk front, the enemy has resumed its assault actions. Over the past day alone, they attempted to break through our defenses twice unsuccessfully, suffering significant losses, and then retreated, giving up their offensive actions," the spokesperson stated.

The occupiers also continue to intensively use aviation on the Lyman-Kupiansk front.

According to Yevlash, in one day, the enemy has shelled Ukrainian defenders 564 times using various weapons.

"However, we also struck their ammunition depots with fuel materials. We destroyed one Msta-B howitzer, one D-30, and three vehicles," Yevlash added.

Fighting on the Lyman-Kupiansk front

Over recent months, Russian occupiers have intensified their advance on the Kupyinsk and Lyman fronts. However, both the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and ISW analysts reported a slowdown in the occupiers' advance along the Kupiansk-Kreminna line.

Military expert Vladyslav Seleznov told RBC-Ukraine that a significant escalation is expected on the Lyman-Kupiansk front in the near future.

This has also been confirmed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to Yevlash, the 25th Russian army is being deployed in this direction.