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Russians plan to create concern in seized Azovmash enterprise in Mariupol

Russians plan to create concern in seized Azovmash enterprise in Mariupol Russians plan to create a concern in seized Azovmash enterprise in Mariupol (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

In the temporarily occupied Mariupol, the invaders are planning to establish a machine-building conglomerate. They intend to launch it in the seized and destroyed Azovmash enterprise, according to the Center for National Resistance (CNS).

As noted by the CNS, currently, the occupiers' plans are far from reality, as Russians continue to destroy and plunder the entire industrial potential of the Donetsk region.

"We once again observe the marauding Russian thinking," the statement said.

The CNS emphasized that Russian engineers arriving in the region to rebuild Azovmash for the aggressor will become a "target" for the Ukrainian resistance movement, and they stressed that none of those involved will escape accountability.

Situation in Mariupol

Russian forces captured Mariupol and its surrounding areas in the spring of 2022 after months of fierce battles. Afterward, the occupiers turned the devastated city into their military base.

However, Mariupol experiences frequent explosions, partly due to the actions of partisans. For instance, a vehicle with a Russian officer from the Caucasus units was blown up in the city recently.

Also, explosions occurred in Mariupol on the night of December 15, with preliminary data reporting an attack near the concrete plant area in the city.

It was reported that the occupiers want to connect Mariupol with Russian cities like Rostov, Taganrog, and others in the Donbas region. They have already started building a road.

However, the occupiers' plans are progressing very slowly because they simply cannot provide heating to the city for the second year, and as of the end of December, they still have not turned on heating in some surviving buildings. Therefore, residents are forced to endure the cold in freezing weather.