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Russians might undergo pilot training in Finland again

Russians might undergo pilot training in Finland again Illustrative photo (
Author: Maria Kholina

In Finland, individuals holding dual citizenship or Russian passports will once again be allowed to pursue private and amateur piloting. This comes after the Finnish regulatory body Traficom had previously halted such training for Russian citizens and barred them from flight exams, according to Yle.

The lifting of these restrictions follows a decision by the European Court, which refused to uphold the ban imposed by the EU Council on citizens of the aggressor country or those with dual citizenship from engaging in aircraft operation within Europe.

These restrictions were also part of a broader sanction package, which included a ban on Russian aircraft.

Thanks to the European Court's ruling, flight tests and inspection flights are once again permitted for individuals holding Russian passports or dual citizenship.

However, as noted by Yle, the European Court ruling prohibits Russian citizens who are trained in European aviation schools from operating aircraft that are under Russian jurisdiction or ownership in the future. Furthermore, such individuals should refrain from flying to Russia.

"A Russian citizen must provide written evidence of their intention to comply with these conditions. If there is no other evidence, the prospective pilot is required to sign a document agreeing to adhere to these requirements," the report says.

Earlier in March, it was revealed that Finnish police would have the authority to impound vehicles with Russian license plates, although exceptions would be made for some drivers.