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Russians employ chemical weapons against Ukrainian soldiers on two fronts

Russians employ chemical weapons against Ukrainian soldiers on two fronts Photo: the Russians used chemical weapons against the Ukrainian Armed Forces on two fronts (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russian troops used chemical weapons at once in the Bakhmut and Svativ directions, reports Deep State.

"Two cases of the use of chemical weapons were recorded in the Svativ and Bakhmut directions," the report says.

Most likely, the enemy used chloropicrin, which is "a lot in stock", and which has already been used several times against Ukrainian troops.

The situation at the front according to Deep State

Deep State analysts state that Avdiivka remains the hottest spot, but the occupiers are conducting offensive actions in many other areas, which "creates significant problems in the management of reserves."

Russia does not spare its reserves, sending units into battle until they are coordinated. As an example, the enemy's 104th airborne assault regiment, which was supposed to undergo coordination by December 1, is either already in the Kherson region or is on the march," Deep State adds.

For reference

Chlorpicrin is a liquid with a sharp irritating smell. In high concentrations, it is poisonous and harmful to humans. Belongs to the II class of danger. It is used as a component of fumigant mixtures in agriculture, and in gas fumigation chambers to check the tightness of insulating and filtering gas masks.

The situation at the front according to the General Staff and IWS

According to the General Staff, the Defense forces of Ukraine are continuing their assault operations south of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, conducting an offensive operation in the Melitopol direction, and holding defenses in the Avdiivka area. More than 60 combat clashes took place last day.

In particular, according to the report of ISW analysts, Russian troops are probably trying to regain the initiative on the front in Ukraine, conducting several simultaneous offensive operations in the east. However, it remains unclear whether the Russians will be able to fully regain the initiative, as the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to press on critical areas of the front.

In July 2023 the Russians had used chemical weapons in the Bakhmut area.