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Russians bring over 100,000 Asian migrants into occupied territories of Ukraine

Russians bring over 100,000 Asian migrants into occupied territories of Ukraine Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Russians are massively bringing migrants from Asia to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Most of them later joined criminal groups with the aim of terrorizing the Ukrainian population, according to the National Resistance Center (NRC).

"The enemy is trying to change the demographic composition of the population in the temporarily occupied territories," the NRC reports.

Thus, as part of the policy to replace the indigenous population, Russians are importing migrants from Central Asia into the occupied Ukrainian lands.

"Their total number in the temporarily occupied territories has already exceeded 100 thousand people. Most of them work in construction, but in the future, the Russians plan to mobilize them in exchange for citizenship," the statement reads.

The NRC points out that such a massive influx of migrants has already provoked a worsening of the criminal situation and led to the creation of ethnic criminal groups.

"With the help of organized criminal groups, the Russians are trying to improve their control over the region that does not belong to them," the statement concludes.

Methods of Russian influence in occupied territories

It's worth noting that Russian invaders regularly conduct operations to strengthen their control over the temporarily occupied territories.

They systematically destroy Ukrainian literature and create criminal groups to persecute and recruit Ukrainian citizens.

Specifically, these terrorists are refining their methods even among the youngest segments of the population in temporary occupation. Another step in spreading pro-Russian propaganda has been through school clubs, where occupiers implement their technologies among Ukrainian children.