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Russian troops strike 2 gas storage facilities in Ukraine

Russian troops strike 2 gas storage facilities in Ukraine Photo: Two gas storage facilities were hit (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine).
Author: Liliana Oleniak

During a massive Russian air attack on the morning of April 11, two of Ukraine's underground gas storage facilities were hit, according to Ukrainian national joint-stock company Naftogaz.

"The storage facilities continue to operate. Experts are currently working to eliminate the consequences of the shelling," the statement says.

According to the press service, fortunately, the employees were not injured.

Russian attack on Ukraine on April 11

On the night of April 11, the Russians launched a massive air strike against Ukraine using cruise, ballistic, and aerial ballistic missiles Kinzhal, as well as kamikaze drones.

Russian troops used more than 80 drones and missiles. The main drone strike was launched on the Lviv region. Ukrainian Air Defense Forces destroyed 57 Russian air targets.

Russian strikes on Ukrainian underground storage facilities

The head of Naftogaz of Ukraine, Oleksii Chernyshov, said that a Russian missile strike on the morning of March 24 damaged Naftogaz facilities in western Ukraine.

Roman Malyutin, CEO of Ukrtransgaz, the gas storage operator, said that the damage does not affect the ability to pump gas into underground storage facilities.

The company has time to repair the damaged facility, "as the damaged equipment is only needed to ensure peak gas withdrawal starting next January," he said. "Our task is to complete the repairs as soon as possible."