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Russian troops start shelling Vovchansk with thermobaric weapons

Russian troops start shelling Vovchansk with thermobaric weapons Photo: Vovchansk is being destroyed by the TOS2 Solntsepyok system (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russians are striking the Kharkiv region from the air with FAB-500 missiles and bombs. In addition, in recent days Russia has begun to hit Vovchansk with heavy flamethrower systems TOS2 Solntsepyok, according to Nazar Voloshyn, spokesperson for the Khortytsia operational and strategic grouping of troops.

According to him, the Russian invaders are hitting the city with guided aerial bombs - six such strikes have been recorded since the beginning of the day. In addition, attacks with thermobaric munitions have been recorded. However, this does not help the Russians advance.

“Most of the city is controlled by the Ukrainian Defense Forces. Russia combines ground assaults with air strikes to achieve success. Russian troops are also using heavy flamethrower systems TOS2 Solntsepyok in Vovchansk. They strike with thermobaric ammunition, destroying buildings and civilian infrastructure on their way,” he says.

Voloshyn also adds that the Russian invaders are trying to support the offensive with motorized rifle units belonging to the 44th Army Corps. According to him, the Ukrainian Defense Forces are actively destroying all such groups.

The Khortytsia group spokesperson notes different tactics in different frontline areas, but mostly the occupants are trying to break through with assault units supported by equipment.

“First they send assault groups forward. These groups are trying to enter and exit both on small lightly armored vehicles and golf carts, buggies, and cross-country motorcycles. If the groups reach their target, they try to gain a foothold. If they fail, it's a one-way ticket for them and they stay there because Ukrainian Defense Forces personnel destroy them,” notes Voloshyn.

Situation at front

On the evening of May 28, Russians intensified their assault operations along the entire front line. Over 100 combat engagements were recorded.

Over the day, the enemy fired 2849 times at the positions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces using various types of weapons.

The Russians are actively destroying Vovchansk with guided aerial bombs.

Russia is also preparing to expand the attack zone on the border at any time.