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Russian troops employ phosphorus shells in Avdiivka, oil tankers ablaze

Russian troops employ phosphorus shells in Avdiivka, oil tankers ablaze Russians use phosphorus shells in Avdiivka (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russian troops use phosphorus shells in Avdiivka. As a result, fuel oil tanks catch fire, according to the Third Separate Assault Brigade.

The soldiers showed footage from a coke plant in Avdiivka. Fuel oil tanks caught fire there due to shelling with phosphorus shells. Poisonous smog is spreading throughout the plant.

The soldiers of the Third Assault Brigade report that the Russian occupiers are shelling the city with artillery and MLRS day and night, dropping 60 aircraft bombs. Assaults with armored vehicles and enemy infantry attacks continue unabated.

"However, our units continue to resist the enemy with dignity, conducting defense and inflicting record losses on the enemy," the statement reads.

Situation in Avdiivka

The Russian occupation forces have been trying to capture Avdiivka since the fall of 2023. The invaders have managed to enter the city. The situation in this area is approaching critical.

Yesterday, the Third Assault Brigade confirmed that they had been redeployed to the Avdiivka area to strengthen the Ukrainian defense. The defenders showed footage from Avdiivka and noted that the fighting in this area is heavier than in Bakhmut.

The Third Assault Brigade emphasizes that they are holding defensive positions in Avdiivka, but the Russian occupiers have engaged the forces of two regular armies, and the ratio at the brigade level is 7 to 1.