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Russian tanks with oil products burning at enterprise in Omsk

Russian tanks with oil products burning at enterprise in Omsk Photo: tanks with oil products are burning at an enterprise in Omsk (

In Omsk (Russia), a strong fire occurred at an enterprise on the Krasnoyarsk Tract, where three containers of petroleum products caught fire on April 25. Special firefighting trains were even called to the scene to extinguish the fire, according to the Russian Emergencies Ministry (MСС), social networks.

"At the Krasnoyarsk tract, three containers with petroleum products are burning, each with a volume of 200 liters. The preliminary fire area is 500 square meters," the Russian Emergencies Ministry reported at 9:56.

Tanks with oil products are on fire at a company in Omsk (screenshots from a video by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations)

58 specialists and 15 pieces of equipment are working on-site, and two firefighting trains have been deployed for extinguishing.

Later, at 10:34, it was reported in Russia that the fire was allegedly localized, covering an area of ​​a thousand square meters.

The fire spread quite rapidly over a large territory, doubling in size.

Videos from the fire scene also began to appear on the network.

Fires in Russia

Fires constantly occur in Russia, with oil refineries often becoming the epicenter.

In response to the ongoing attacks on Russian plants, the United States has urged Kyiv to cease attacks on Russian energy infrastructure, warning that drone strikes could lead to an increase in global oil prices. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Russian oil refineries are considered legitimate targets for strikes.

In March, there were 15 drone attacks on 13 oil refineries in nine regions of Russia since the beginning of 2024. Significant damage was inflicted on eight facilities.