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Russian Su-34 bomber crashed in North Ossetia, crew died

Russian Su-34 bomber crashed in North Ossetia, crew died The Russian Su-34 aircraft (photo:

A Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber crashed in North Ossetia. None of the crew members survived the crash, according to Russian media reports.

The incident occurred in a mountainous area near the village of Hornyi Dzuarykau.

The agency TASS, citing the Russian Ministry of Defense, reports on the crew's death.

Russia's ministry also preliminarily attributes the cause of the aviation accident to technical malfunction.

Російський бомбардувальник Су-34 розбився у Північній Осетії, екіпаж загинув

Other Russian media outlets also spread similar messages, while information about the Su-34 crash has not yet appeared on the Russian Ministry of Defense's website.

Meanwhile, footage from a surveillance camera was published online, allegedly capturing the sound of an explosion near the crash site of this military aircraft. The indicated time is around midnight local time.

Recently, there was a drone attack on the military airfield in Mozdok, North Ossetia. The 485th Separate Helicopter Regiment, which operates MiG-31K aircraft carrying Kinzhal missiles, is based at this airfield.

Earlier this spring, Tu-22M3 bombers, Su-25M aircraft, and various types of helicopters were also spotted at the Mozdok airfield.

Later, a source from RBC-Ukraine reported that Ukraine's Defense Intelligence was behind the drone attack on North Ossetia on June 8.