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Russia claims drone attack on North Ossetia: MiGs take off from there

Russia claims drone attack on North Ossetia: MiGs take off from there Photo: Mozdok airfield in North Ossetia could be attacked by drones (wikipedia)

Russia claims that Ukrainian drones attempted to attack North Ossetia, targeting an airfield where MiG-31K and Tu-22M3 aircraft are based. Russian Ministry of Defense and the head of the republic, Sergey Menyailo, state this.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that on the night of June 7, a drone was allegedly shot down in North Ossetia, targeting a military airfield. According to the regional leader, three drones were involved in the incident.

Traditionally, Russians assert there were no casualties or damages. It is noteworthy that North Ossetia houses the Mozdok military airfield, where the separate 485th helicopter regiment is based. This airfield is one of the bases from which MiG-31K aircraft, carrying Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles, operate.

Additionally, Defense Express reported that as of April 22, 2024, Mozdok airfield hosted six Tu-22M3 strategic bombers, four Su-25M aircraft, and approximately 20 helicopters of various types.

This marks the first attack on North Ossetia, located more than 900 kilometers away from territories controlled by Ukraine.

MiG-31K's danger

The MiG-31K, a fighter-interceptor in Russia, consistently triggers extensive air alerts in Ukraine. These aircraft are carriers of the Kinzhal missiles, posing significant and complex challenges to Ukrainian air defense systems.

Kinzhal missiles can only be effectively countered by modern anti-aircraft missile complexes. Until spring 2023, Ukraine lacked the capability to neutralize these missiles, which only became possible with the transfer of Patriot systems.

Most recently, Russia used Kinzhal missiles in an attack on Ukraine during the night of May 26. Two missiles were launched, but Ukrainian air defense forces were unable to intercept them.