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Russian soldiers discuss how many people Kremlin needs to mobilize

Russian soldiers discuss how many people Kremlin needs to mobilize Russian soldiers (Getty Images)

Russian soldiers believe that to win the war against Ukraine, Russia needs to mobilize an extra 600,000 people, according to intercepted transmissions by the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The occupant (Russian soldier) complains that the Russian army is suffering significant losses.

He also revealed that he and his comrade had consumed narcotic substances and then began firing at their own comrades with a machine gun.

"We had a fire there, the control was lost, and we just started shooting at our own with a machine gun," he says.

The Russian soldier mentioned that 3,000 occupiers from Buryatia were eliminated in his area. However, he believes that in order to win the war, another 600,000 Russians need to be mobilized.

Mobilization in Russia

A so-called partial mobilization was conducted in Russia in the fall of 2022. In some regions, this Kremlin decision sparked protests and led to attacks on military recruitment offices.

Because of battlefield losses, Russia made efforts to reform the army. Among other things, Russians will now receive draft notices online. In April of this year, the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed a law on electronic draft notices in Russia. This law also prohibits Russians from leaving Russia after receiving a draft notice.

According to Russian media, the Kremlin intends to create a registry of conscripts before the fall draft, and millions of rubles have been allocated for this project.