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Russian occupiers strike power plant in frontline area

Russian occupiers strike power plant in frontline area Russian occupiers hit a frontline thermal power plant (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Russian army shelled one of the Ukrainian thermal power plants. It is located in the frontline area, according to DTEK.

The enemy shelling damaged the plant's equipment. DTEK notes that power engineers have already begun to eliminate the consequences.

According to preliminary data, no one was injured as a result of the Russian occupiers' attacks.

DTEK adds that Russian terrorists have been attacking the frontline TPP almost every day and night lately. In the first half of this heating season alone, almost three dozen attacks were carried out. Five power engineers were injured in one of them.

Situation with electricity in Ukraine

As of today, the electricity situation in Ukraine is stable, but there are interruptions due to constant Russian shelling in the frontline regions.

On January 2, a rocket attack in Kyiv caused power and water outages in several districts. Also, in the Kyiv region, high-voltage power lines were cut off due to shelling on January 2. In addition, there were temporary disruptions in the operation of hydroelectric power plants.

Ukrainians are being urged to save electricity, especially during peak consumption hours.