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Russian Navy's nightmare: Ukrainian kamikaze drone Magura V5

Russian Navy's nightmare: Ukrainian kamikaze drone Magura V5 Ukrainian kamikaze drone Magura 5V

Last week, the world witnessed the unveiling of the Magura V5 maritime kamikaze drone, proudly made in Ukraine. Utilizing this cutting-edge technology, Ukrainian Defense Forces have efficiently neutralized elements of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.

RBC-Ukraine provides an in-depth look at the capabilities of this indigenous maritime drone below.

Back in November 2022, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced Ukraine's ambitions to establish a fleet of maritime drones. Fast forward to July 2023, the Ukrainian-made Magura V5 kamikaze drone made its debut at the International Defence Industry Fair in Türkiye. CNN's coverage of the event marked the first public unveiling of the Magura V5.

According to its developer, SpetsTechnoExport, the Ukrainian maritime drone is versatile, capable of reconnaissance, surveillance, patrol duties, fleet protection, search and rescue operations, mine countermeasures, and combat missions. The Magura V5 is praised for its maneuverability, able to stealthily navigate thanks to its hydrodynamic design.

Жах російського флоту. Як працює український дрон-камікадзе Magura V5

Defense Express analysts note that the launch of the kamikaze drone doesn't necessitate specialized facilities. This was demonstrated on April 13 when military personnel launched the drone directly from the shore. Key specifications include a length of 5.5 meters, a total weight of one ton, a payload (likely referring to explosives) of 300 kilograms, a range of up to 800 kilometers, and a maximum speed of 78 kilometers per hour.

The Magura V5 drone has been actively employed in the destruction of the Russian fleet. According to the Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, using the kamikaze drone, they have destroyed or damaged the reconnaissance vessel Ivan Khurs, the landing ships Akula and Serna, the missile ship Ivanovets, the large landing ship Tsezar Kunikov, and the patrol ship Sergei Kotov.

During the drone's presentation and launch on April 13, Minister of Strategic Industries Oleksandr Kamyshyn noted Ukraine's uniqueness in effectively combating enemy vessels despite not possessing a significant fleet of its own.

Жах російського флоту. Як працює український дрон-камікадзе Magura V5

"This serves as a prime example of how Ukraine, through innovative approaches, tackles challenges that will undoubtedly go down in history. Without having our own fleet, we first ousted the entire Russian Black Sea fleet from Crimea and then sent it to the depths where it belongs," remarked Kamyshyn.