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Russian missile breaches Polish airspace during attack on Ukraine

Russian missile breaches Polish airspace during attack on Ukraine Photo: Russian missile flew into the territory of Poland during attack on Ukraine (defence-ua com)

The Russian missile strayed into Polish territory during the attack on Ukraine. As a result, aviation, including NATO aircraft, was scrambled into the skies there, according to the Ministry of Defense of Poland.

"On March 24 at 4:23, a violation of Polish airspace occurred by one of the cruise missiles launched by Russian long-range aviation earlier that night. The targets of the strikes were cities in western Ukraine," the statement reads.

According to Polish military sources, the object entered Polish airspace near the town of Oserdov (Lublin Voivodeship) and remained there for 39 seconds.

"Throughout the entire flight, it was tracked by military radar systems. This evening, all necessary procedures were initiated to ensure the safety of Polish airspace. This included the involvement of Polish and allied aviation," the department clarified.

Poland emphasized that it constantly monitors the situation in Ukraine and is always ready to ensure the safety of its airspace.

Russian missile breaches Polish airspace during attack on UkraineGoogle Maps (screenshot)

Ukraine shelling on March 24

Russian forces launched another attack on Ukraine on March 24, utilizing both drones and missiles. Specifically, Kyiv came under fire, with air defense systems operating in the region. Currently, there is information about an attack on Kryvyi Rih, where 76 thousand people were left without heating, and on Lviv region, where the occupiers targeted a critical infrastructure object.