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Poland deploys military aircraft during Russian missile attack on Ukraine

Poland deploys military aircraft during Russian missile attack on Ukraine Photo: Poland lifted its aircraft into the air due to the Russian missile attack on Ukraine (Wikipedia)

The Republic of Poland has activated its air defense protocol due to Russia's missile attack on Ukrainian territory. Polish aviation has been deployed into the air, reports the Polish Operational Command.

It is noted that there is intense activity of Russian Federation long-range aviation associated with missile strikes on Ukrainian territory. In connection with this, all necessary procedures have been activated to ensure the safety of Polish airspace, and the leadership of the Republic of Poland is constantly monitoring the situation.

"We warn about the activation of Polish and allied aviation, which may be associated with an increased level of noise, especially in the southeastern region of the country," the statement said.

As of 7:20 in the morning, according to the Air Force, cruise missiles are maneuvering at the intersection of Lviv, Ternopil, and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

Air attack by Russia on Ukraine on February 7

During the night, around 03:40, the takeoff of Russian Tu-95 aircraft from the Olenegorsk airfield in the Murmansk region of the Russian Federation was recorded. The Air Force warned that the launch of enemy missiles from aircraft could occur around five in the morning.

At around 5:00, air raid alerts were declared in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.

Later, it became known about explosions in Kharkiv due to a missile strike and in Mykolaiv due to an attack by Shahed kamikaze drones.