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Russian gas resumes flowing to Czechia

Russian gas resumes flowing to Czechia Russian gas resumes flowing to Czechia (Getty Images)

Some traders resumed importing Russian gas to Czechia starting in October, according to the Minister of Industry and Trade of Czechia, Jozef Sikela, Novinky reports.

79.6 million cubic meters of Russian gas accounted for 1.2% of the total volume of supplies imported between January and the end of October this year. Information about specific importers is considered confidential.

Data from the reloading station in Lanžhot (South Moravian region) also indicates that Russian gas has started flowing into Czechia.

"Since the beginning of October, gas at this border station is coming not from Czechia to Slovakia, as before, but from Slovakia to Czechia in the amount of up to 100 gigawatt-hours per day," said Lukas Kovanda, chief economist at Trinity Bank.

As of now, up to 40% of the gas imported into Czechia comes from Russia.

According to earlier information from the Ministry, Russian gas stopped flowing into Czechia at the beginning of this year. The country replaced it with Norway gas and LNG from the Netherlands and Belgium. In previous years, the share of Russian gas was about 97%.

"We need to consider whether to introduce restrictive measures at the national level or continue to coordinate our approach within the EU," said Sikela.

Supply of Russian gas to Europe

As of the end of 2022, Moscow has lost the gas market of the EU, and Brussels does not plan to resume purchases.

In early November, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, announced that Ukraine had proposed a solution to the EU on how to stop depending on Russian nuclear fuel and impose sanctions, but there was no result yet.