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Russian drone attack on Odesa: One person injured

Russian drone attack on Odesa: One person injured RBC-Ukraine collage

Russian forces struck Odesa with Shahed drones late in the evening on February 9. One person was injured as a result of the shelling, according to the head of the Odessa Regional Military Administration, Oleh Kiper.

"At present, there is information about one casualty due to the enemy drone attack in Odessa. A 44-year-old man sustained shrapnel wounds to the forearm," stated Kiper. He mentioned that the victim has received all necessary medical assistance in the hospital.

He also emphasized that the danger of Shahed drone strikes still persists and urged residents to take shelter in case of an air raid alert.

Attack of Shahed drones on Ukraine on February 9

On the evening of February 9, Russian forces launched several groups of strike drones of the Shahed type into Ukrainian territory. The Ukrainian Air Force reported that the drones were launched from the northern and southern directions.

Later, explosions were reported in Kharkiv and Odesa. Subsequently, it became known that the Russian army targeted Kharkiv and Velykyi Burluk with Shahed drones. According to Oleh Syniehubov, the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, hits were recorded in the Nemyshlianskyi district of Kharkiv, causing damage to civilian infrastructure. In Velykyi Burluk, the occupiers also hit a cafe, as reported by Syniehubov.