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Russian commanders throwing soldiers into pits and starving them for minor offenses

Russian commanders throwing soldiers into pits and starving them for minor offenses Photo: Russian commanders throw disobedient soldiers into a pit (GettyImages)

Russian military commanders punish their subordinates for disobedience and minor offenses. Those who fall out of favor are placed into a pit and starved with the aim of re-education, informs the National Resistance Center.

"Russia’s unchanged approaches to the formation and education of the morale of its armed forces are observed in the temporarily occupied Donetsk region," the report states.

It is noted that more than 120 Russian military personnel are currently held in the Donetsk pit for various offenses against their commanders.

"For the slightest offense, they are imprisoned here, denied food and water so that the “soldier” can rethink his mission in a special atmosphere," the NRC reports.

It is said that those who end up in this "correctional facility" potentially become assault troops and soon carry out tasks in hot spots on the front line.

"And as for the life expectancy of recruited Russian soldiers. For example, those who want to fight against Ukraine and get to the front by signing a contract with the Russian Ministry of Attack in prison live no more than eight months," the National Resistance Center concludes.

Russian 'meat assaults'

It is worth noting that Russian commanders often send occupiers who have somehow misbehaved while serving in the invading army into assault battles.

These are often order violators or those who disagree with the Russian military leadership's rhetoric regarding combat decisions. To avoid unnecessary problems, Russian military leadership uses such manpower in directions on the front where heavy fighting takes place.