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Russian commander launching 'Kalibrs' at Ukraine eliminated, confirmed Defense Intelligence

Russian commander launching 'Kalibrs' at Ukraine eliminated, confirmed Defense Intelligence Photo: Stanislav Rzhitskyi (Russian media)

The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine has confirmed the information regarding the elimination of Commander Stanislav Rzhitskyi of the "Krasnodar" submarine, who was involved in missile attacks on Ukraine.

"Stanislav Rzhitskyi, the former commander of the "Krasnodar" submarine of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, was shot dead in Krasnodar, Russia," the statement reads.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, on July 10, Rzhitskyi was jogging in the Krasnodar Park of Culture and Rest, named after the 30th Anniversary of Victory. At around six o'clock in the morning, he was shot seven times with a Makarov pistol. As a result of the gunshot wounds, the former commander died at the scene.

"Due to heavy rain, the park was deserted, so there are no witnesses who could provide details or identify the attacker," added the intelligence agency.

"Krasnodar" submarine

"Krasnodar" is one of the six submarines of the "Varshavyanka" project that is part of the Russian Black Sea fleet. Each submarine is capable of carrying up to four Kalibr-type cruise missiles.

Captain 2nd Rank Stanislav Rzhitsky had been residing in Sevastopol since at least 2006. He was previously the commander of the "Alrosa" submarine and was appointed as the commander of the "Krasnodar" after the "Alrosa" was sent for modernization.

Captain launching "Kalibr" missiles at Ukraine killed in Krasnodar

Earlier, pro-Russian Telegram channels reported that Stanislav Rzhitsky, the Deputy Head of the Mobilization Department, had been shot dead in Krasnodar. He was the head of the city's mobilization department and the commander of the "Krasnodar" submarine.

Russian media reports show that Rzhitskyi allegedly went for his morning jog at eight o'clock. An unknown assailant was waiting for him near the Olympic sports complex and fired four shots into his back and chest. The shooter then fled the scene. Rzhitskyi died on the spot from the injuries.

Earlier, there were reports in the media that Rzhitskyi was responsible for launching "Kalibr" missiles at peaceful Ukrainian cities in July of last year. He is suspected, among other things, of shelling Vinnytsia.

The administration of Krasnodar also confirmed the information about Rzhitskyi's death.