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Russian army moves Grad rocket launchers in Crimea towards Kherson region

Russian army moves Grad rocket launchers in Crimea towards Kherson region The Russian army in Crimea is moving self-propelled multiple rocket launchers Grad closer to the Kherson region (photo: flickr.comMinistry of Defense of Ukraine)

In occupied Crimea, guerrillas have reported the transfer of a battery of BM-21 Grad self-propelled multiple rocket launchers towards the Kherson region. Reconnaissance units have promised to promptly eliminate the location of the equipment, according to the ATESH partisan movement.

It is noted that the Russian forces continue to restore Soviet weapons systems for use in the war against the Ukrainian people.

Agents have determined that warehouses with equipment are emptying at a serious pace and have added that they are working to increase Russian losses, with the help of Russian military personnel themselves.

"We will not hide that we know the final destination of this warehouse. We know exactly where the occupiers will store them. So they won't 'live' for long," the statement said.

Situation in occupied Crimea

Recently, the ATESH guerrillas reconnoitred a warehouse of missiles for Russian air defense systems in Sevastopol and passed the exact coordinates of the object to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The guerrillas announced a season of destruction of military facilities in the temporarily occupied peninsula.

On the night of April 30, Ukrainian forces launched missile strikes on a military airfield in Dzhankoy and several other objects of the Russian army.