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Russian army deploys poisonous substances as 'last hope weapon' against Ukrainian forces

Russian army deploys poisonous substances as 'last hope weapon' against Ukrainian forces Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

Russian occupiers increased using ammunition with poisonous substances in the Zaporizhzhia direction, says spokesperson for the Tavria Defense Forces, Dmytro Lykhoviy.

"As for the Zaporizhzhia direction, I can say the following, which is somewhat disturbing - Russians are increasingly using ammunition with poisonous substances," he said.

According to Lykhoviy, during the entire previous week about 60 grenade drops with asphyxiating-tear gas effects were recorded, mostly it is chloropicrin or something similar.

"Yesterday there were nine such drops. Almost all are in the Zaporizhzhia direction. It indicates that when the enemy cannot achieve its tasks in the usual way - with artillery, aviation, FPV drones, they resort to some kind of 'last hope weapon'. These are chemical poisonous substances they use when they want to 'smoke out' our soldiers from the trenches in this way. It is necessary to use means of individual protection, to fight against Russian drones participating in these drops," he said.

Other similar cases

Last week, the spokesperson for the Tavria direction said that Russian troops dropped ammunition with chemical weapons on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces nine times in one day. The means dropped by the Russians are similar to those used by the police to disperse rallies. The spokesman added that the occupiers were not using this substance on the front line for the first time.

Since the beginning of this year, Russians have carried out 346 chemical attacks against Ukrainian military personnel.

ISW analysts also said that the Russian army had increasingly begun to use chemical weapons against the Ukrainian Armed Forces.