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Russian aircraft violates Finnish airspace

Russian aircraft violates Finnish airspace Photo: A Russian plane violated Finnish airspace (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

A Russian military aircraft temporarily violated Finnish airspace. The incident took place against the backdrop of Russia's ongoing efforts to undermine the sovereignty of the country, according to the Finnish Ministry of Defense.

The Defense Ministry noted that on Monday, June 10, an unidentified Russian military aircraft entered Finnish airspace over the Gulf of Finland for two minutes, for about 2.5 kilometers.

The country's Defense Ministry does not rule out that this intrusion continues the Kremlin's efforts to undermine Finland's sovereignty and territorial integrity. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The agency also notes that the Kremlin is also conducting a series of information operations aimed at positioning Finland as an enemy of Russia and Russia. This creates information conditions to justify potential future aggression against the country.

The Russian Ministry of Defense did not respond to Finland's statements. On June 10, the ministry said that Russian Tu-95MS missile carriers and Tu-22M3 bombers flew over neutral waters of the Baltic, Barents, and Norwegian Seas.

Russia's provocations against Finland

On May 21, the Russian Defense Ministry proposed that the Russian government reassess Russia's maritime borders in the Gulf of Finland. Some Western officials warn that this could be part of an effort to revise maritime zones in the Baltic Sea. The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs called such intentions of the Kremlin confusion and hybrid influence.

Helsinki is raising the army's combat capability due to a possible Russian invasion.