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Russian air defense fails to cover Crimea - British intelligence

Russian air defense fails to cover Crimea - British intelligence Russian air defense fails to cover Crimea (photo: Getty Images)

Ukraine's successful attacks on Crimea have resulted in Russia's air defense system losing its ability to effectively cover its facilities on the occupied peninsula, states the British Defense Ministry.

British intelligence has assessed the latest strikes on the occupiers' targets in Crimea by Ukraine. Thus, on May 14, the attack destroyed elements of the C-400 battery at the Belbek airfield, including radar and launchers. At least two MiG-31 aircraft were also destroyed on the ground.

This is the fourth time in the last month that Russia has lost its air defense assets.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully attacked a radar station on Mount Ai-Petri and the Dzhankoy airfield.

These actions of Ukrainian defenders lead to a deterioration in Russia's ability to protect the airspace around Crimea. Intelligence suggests that Russia will be forced to disperse its air assets or risk losing more aircraft or redeploying air defense assets from other areas.

In addition, due to the dispersal of A-50 long-range reconnaissance aircraft, the occupiers will have to increase the number of flight hours and the frequency of fighter jet sorties. This, in turn, will lead to more problems with the maintenance of their aircraft.

Attack on Crimea on May 15

On the night of May 15, explosions were heard in Sevastopol, in particular, near the Belbek airfield. The Russian Defense Ministry said that Crimea was allegedly attacked by ATACMS missiles. Shoigu's office claimed to have shot down all 10 missiles.

Later, the network showed footage of a hit in the area of the Belbek military airfield, and satellite images confirmed that there was a fire.

The media reported that two MiG-31 aircraft, a S-400 anti-aircraft system, and a fuel and lubricant depot were hit that night in Crimea. There was also information about casualties among the Russian military.