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Russia-Ukraine war: Frontline update as of June 23

Russia-Ukraine war: Frontline update as of June 23 Photo: What is the situation at the front in Ukraine on June 23 (Getty Images)

On June 23, Russia is concentrating efforts on the Pokrovsk direction. Nearly half of all combat clashes on the front occurred here, according to the General Staff as of 13:00.

As of today, Russian troops are intensifying its offensive actions, attempting to breach Ukrainian defenses and dislodge Ukrainian units from occupied positions.

"Concentrating efforts on the Pokrovsk direction, Russian occupying forces are met with strong resistance from Ukrainian troops, targeting personnel and equipment. The number of combat engagements across the front line has risen to 71," the report states.

Specifically, since the beginning of the day, Russian occupiers have shown the highest activity on the Pokrovsk direction, where nearly half of all combat engagements on the front line have occurred.

"Today, Russian occupying forces have attacked Ukrainian positions 31 times. The main efforts of the enemy are concentrated in the areas of Novooleksandrivka, Sokil, and Karlivka. They are also attempting to enhance their tactical position near six populated areas. Currently, Ukrainian troops have repelled 13 enemy attacks, with 18 still ongoing," military officials report.

Kharkiv direction

Today, the enemy conducted four attacks along the Kharkiv direction, all near Vovchansk. Ukrainian Defense Forces successfully repelled two enemy assaults, with two engagements still underway.

"Intense enemy aviation activity was observed, with Russian terrorists from Belgorod dropping 29 KABs on our troops' positions and civilian areas. Bombing targeted Hlyboke, Vovchansk, Vovchanski khutory, and Lyptsi. Near the latter, invaders dropped 23 guided aerial bombs," noted the General Staff.

Situation on other fronts

In the Kupiansk direction, four skirmishes continue near Stelmakhivka and Berestove. Ukrainian troops repelled two Russian attacks in Pishchane and Synkivka, with the enemy striking Tabaivka with unguided air-to-ground rockets.

In the Lyman direction, the enemy made five attempts to advance near Kopanky, Makiivka, and Serebryanske forestry, with battles ongoing in two locations.

In the Toretsk direction, Russian aggressors persist in their attempts to displace Ukrainian defenders from positions held towards Toretsk and New York. Three skirmishes are ongoing, supported by aerial strikes involving three air bombs.

Overall frontline situation

Russian occupiers are advancing near Svatove, Chasiv Yar, and Avdiivka. Additionally, they intensified attacks near Kamianske, Zaporizhzhia region, likely preparing to renew their offensive efforts in that sector of the frontline.

Ukrainian forces targeted a command post of a motorized infantry regiment within Russian territory, located in the Belgorod region.