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Russia-Ukraine war: British intelligence review of front line

Russia-Ukraine war: British intelligence review of front line British intelligence has published a report on the war in Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

There is fighting in Vovchansk, Russian troops are not advancing near Chasiv Yar, but control most of Krasnohorivka, and Ukrainian Defense Forces have achieved tactical success in the area of Klishchiivka, states the British intelligence.

Vovchansk. There, according to British intelligence, the fighting is centered on a machine gun factory. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to drive Russian troops out of this stronghold in the southeast of the city.

Chasiv Yar. Over the past 72 hours, British intelligence has not recorded any confirmed advances of the Russian army in the area of Chasiv Yar. The most intense fighting took place in Ivanivske and Klishchiivka, south of the city. According to intelligence, the Ukrainian Armed Forces counterattacked in Klishchiyivka, achieving tactical success there.

Krasnohorivka. Russian troops advanced in Krasnohorivka in the Kurakhove direction. According to British intelligence, the Russians are likely to control most of the town, while the Ukrainian Armed Forces are present only in the north of Krasnohorivka.

Avdiivka-Pokrovsk. According to British intelligence, the Avdiivka-Pokrovsk direction remains the main area of concentration of Russian troops. The Russians managed to make small advances in the direction of New York, Pivnichne, and Pivdenne.

"Over the next week, the Avdiivka-Pokrovsk sector is likely to remain an area of significant operational focus for Russian forces as they attempt to maintain pressure on defending Ukrainian Forces and make opportunistic territorial gains," British intelligence said.