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Russia tries to distract world from Global Peace Summit - US in UN

Russia tries to distract world from Global Peace Summit - US in UN Russian Federation seeks to use the UN Security Council to divert attention from the Peace Summit on Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

The Russian Federation is attempting to divert attention from the Global Peace Summit, which is set to begin on June 15 in Switzerland, by convening a meeting of the United Nations Security Council, states alternative representative of the US for special political affairs in the UN, Robert A. Wood.

According to the American diplomat, these intentions of the Kremlin can be explained by the convening of the UN Security Council by the aggressor country on June 14, just before the peace summit on Ukraine.

Wood called this a transparent attempt by the Federation not only to distract the world but also to try to shift the blame for the war and what is happening in Ukraine onto anyone but themselves.

The US representative to the UN also noted that Moscow wants the international community to believe that achieving peace is supposedly hindered by the fact that Ukraine is defending its own sovereignty and territorial integrity from Russia's large-scale military aggression.

Global Peace Summit in Switzerland

Earlier it was reported that on June 15-16, a peace summit will take place in Switzerland to discuss the Ukrainian Peace Formula. It aims to bring an end to the war between Russia and Ukraine on fair terms.

On the eve of the event, on June 14, the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a list of countries and organizations whose representatives will attend the summit. This includes 92 countries.

More about what Ukraine aims to achieve at the summit can be found in this article. As for the Peace Formula of Zelenskyy and what it entails, read this article by RBC-Ukraine.