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Russia to exploit 'election' to legitimize invasion, warns British intel

Russia to exploit 'election' to legitimize invasion, warns British intel Photo: Russia will use 'elections' in occupation to legitimize invasion (Getty Images)

Terrorists will use the so-called "elections" of the Russian president in the occupation to give a sense of legitimacy to a full-scale invasion, according to British intelligence.

On December 11, 2023, the Central Election Commission of the terrorist-controlled country announced that the voting in the presidential elections in March 2024 would also extend to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

According to intelligence reports, it is highly unlikely that the "voting" in the occupation will be either free or fair.

"The Russian authorities almost certainly see achieving the ‘correct’ results in these regions as a priority because they want to give the perception of legitimacy to Russia’s invasion," reports the intelligence.

The Russian authorities plan to employ significant election fraud and voter intimidation to ensure a decisive victory for the incumbent dictator Vladimir Putin with a substantial lead.

Russian presidential elections

On December 8, dictator Putin announced his intention to be re-elected as president for the fifth time.

As reported by Reuters earlier, a victory in the elections would allow him to remain in power at least until 2030, and Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov is confident in the re-election of the current Kremlin head with a result of over 90% of the votes.

According to the decision of the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC), the presidential elections in Russia will, for the first time, span three days, from March 15 to 17. The so-called "elections" are also planned to be conducted in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine by the terrorists.