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Russia tests missiles for DPRK in Ukraine, just like it did Iranian Shaheds

Russia tests missiles for DPRK in Ukraine, just like it did Iranian Shaheds Russia tests missiles for North Korea in Ukraine (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Russia is testing missiles for North Korea in the war against Ukraine. Earlier, the Russian Federation tested Shahed drones for Iran, which were then used against Israel, according to the Spravdi Center for Strategic Communications.

It is noted that UN experts confirmed that Russia hit Kharkiv with a North Korean Hwasong-11 ballistic missile on January 2.

North Korea is under international sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council for intimidating its neighbors with missile attacks. Thus, Russia's acquisition of North Korean missiles is a gross violation of the sanctions regime.

Moreover, Russia has vetoed the extension of the mandate of the UN panel of experts that monitored compliance with sanctions against the DPRK since May. In other words, Moscow is trying to hide the facts of cooperation with the DPRK and neglect its international obligations.

“Russia is testing its missiles for the DPRK in Ukraine in the same way it tested the Shahed drones for Iran before they were used against Israel,” the statement said.

Russia-North Korea cooperation

At the end of last year it became known that Russia had purchased North Korean ballistic missiles. On January 2, Moscow attacked Kharkiv with North Korean-made missiles.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the DPRK also provided Russia with about a million artillery shells.

Ukrainian law enforcement officers have recorded at least 24 cases of Russia's use of DPRK missiles, and the United States is concerned that Ukraine has become a testing ground for North Korean missiles.