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Russia shells Ukraine with drones and missiles overnight: Air defense work reported

Russia shells Ukraine with drones and missiles overnight: Air defense work reported Photo: The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on the downing of enemy Shaheds last night (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Last night, the Russian troops launched 16 kamikaze drones and ballistic missiles at Ukraine during an air attack. The Ukrainian Defense Forces destroyed almost all Russian attack drones, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mykola Oleshchuk.

In the morning report, the military command noted that 15 Shaheds were eliminated by air defense forces and means.

"At night, the Russian occupants once again attacked Ukraine using 16 Shahed UAVs. Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed 15 of these attack UAVs," the General Staff says.

However, Russia used not only Shaheds but also ballistic missiles. According to General Oleshchuk, that night the Russian troops also attacked Ukraine with 2 Iskander-M ballistic missiles from the Belgorod region (Russia).

He clarifies that Russia launched 16 attack drones from Cape Chauda (occupied Crimea) and the Kursk region (Russia).

Ukrainian air defense work

"The attack was repelled by anti-aircraft missile units of the Air Force and mobile firing groups of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, and electronic warfare means were used," the general notes.

The Ukrainian Air Force commander also said that last night the defenders of the sky shot down 15 Shaheds in four regions:

  • Mykolaiv
  • Odesa
  • Kyiv
  • Cherkasy.

The Ukrainian Navy informs that its servicemen destroyed four Russian kamikaze drones in the sky over the Mykolaiv region last night.

In addition, the Kyiv Regional Military Administration had previously reported that all Russian attack drones over the capital had been shot down, but the exact number of Russian air targets destroyed over Kyiv was not specified at the time.

Russian drone attack on Ukraine on night of April 23

Earlier it was reported that that night, the Russian invaders again launched kamikaze drones to strike Ukraine. Russian used several groups of Shahed drones, and an air alert was declared in many Ukrainian regions.

Later, it was reported that an explosion occurred in Odesa. In addition, Ukrainian air defense forces repelled a Russian attack in Kyiv, and explosions were heard in the capital.

As it turned out, the Russian attack damaged houses in Odesa and caused a fire in the residential sector. Rescuers saved 34 people, including three children. It is also known that 7 people were injured, including two children.

In the morning, the Kyiv City Military Administration informed that air defense in the capital had destroyed all Russian kamikaze drones that Russian troops had launched to attack Kyiv. No casualties or damage were reported.