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Russia secretly supplying oil to North Korea despite UN restrictions

Russia secretly supplying oil to North Korea despite UN restrictions Photo: oil tanker (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Russia is secretly supplying refined oil to North Korea in volumes that violate the UN Security Council's restrictions. This may lead to the introduction of new sanctions by the United States, according to White House National Security spokesperson John Kirby.

"At the same time that Moscow vetoed the panel's mandate renewal, Russia has been shipping refined petroleum from Port Vostochny to the DPRK (North Korea)," Kirby said.

According to him, in March, Russia delivered more than 165 thousand barrels of oil products to North Korea.

Kirby said that Russia had been shipping oil products from the Vostochny port to the DPRK. Russian shipments have already pushed imports to the DPRK above the 500 barrels per year set by the UN Security Council.

According to Reuters sources, given the close proximity of Russian and North Korean commercial ports, Russia could continue these supplies "indefinitely".

Kirby also added that the US will impose sanctions "against those working to facilitate arms and refined petroleum transfers between Russia and the DPRK."

Sanctions against the Russian oil industry

Last year, the G7 countries, the EU, and Australia imposed a price ceiling of $60 per barrel on Russian oil supplied by sea.

Since February 2023, similar restrictions began to apply to the supply of petroleum products from Russia. The price ceiling was set at $100 and $45 per barrel, depending on the category of oil products.

Recently, a US Treasury official reported that G7 members may review the price ceiling on Russian oil. This will depend on market conditions or other factors.