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Russia's goal is total blackout in Ukraine - Minister of Energy Halushchenko

Russia's goal is total blackout in Ukraine - Minister of Energy Halushchenko Photo: Herman Galushchenko, Minister of Energy of Ukraine (

The goal of Russian terrorists during attacks on the energy infrastructure is to create a total blackout in Ukraine, stated the Minister of Energy, Herman Halushchenko, during his interview with the Rada TV channel.

"Currently, the most extensive attacks on the energy system are indeed taking place. March 22 saw the largest attack during the entire period of the major aggression, and the impact is very significant. They attack every day and every night, and the impact of these attacks is increasing significantly in a negative sense," stated Halushchenko.

The Minister added that the key issue today is that the system continues to operate stably. However, the enemy's main goal is a total blackout in the country.

He also mentioned that the most difficult situation with electricity is currently in Kharkiv, where power outage schedules are being implemented.

Additionally, Halushchenko urged Ukrainians to prepare for any scenarios this spring and summer.

Situation with electricity in Ukraine

As reported by Ukrenergo, emergency power outages were implemented in the Kharkiv region starting from 06:25 a.m. Currently, about 210,000 consumers are without power. Meanwhile, no restrictions were applied in other regions.

"However, during the peak consumption hours from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the Dispatch Center of Ukrenergo calls for limiting the use of powerful energy-consuming appliances," added Ukrenergo.

Meanwhile, consumption limits for industrial consumers are in effect in the Kryvyi Rih region.