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Russia reports explosions at oil depot in Rostov region

Russia reports explosions at oil depot in Rostov region Explosions were heard at an oil depot in the Rostov region on May 15 (photo: Getty Images)

On the night of Wednesday, May 15, explosions were heard at a fuel base in the Rostov region of Russia, according to Russian Telegram channels.

According to Russian media reports, at least two explosions were heard at the fuel base. Russians have traditionally claimed it was a drone attack.

As stated by the governor of the region, Vasily Golubev, supposedly there was no fuel at the fuel base, so there was only a fire. Also, information about casualties is unknown.

"This morning, as a result of an attack by two drones on the fuel base in the Proletarskyi district, two explosions occurred, but it did not cause a fuel fire. There were no casualties," he wrote.

Interestingly, in early May, the partisan movement ATESH published photos from an oil base in Rostov. In particular, coordinates of the base were provided, as well as information about the supply of oil products.

Attacks on oil refineries in Russia

Attacks by drones on oil bases in Russia are increasingly being reported. Quite often, these are special operations carried out by Ukrainian military forces to weaken fuel supplies to the enemy.

In particular, on the night of May 11, the Volgograd Oil Refinery in Russia, which is part of the Lukoil corporation, was attacked. Before this, the Polotnyany Zavod Oil Refinery in the village of Polotnyany Zavod in the Kaluga region of Russia also experienced attacks.