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Russia may transfer brigade set of Iskanders to Belarus, hangar construction ongoing - Media

Russia may transfer brigade set of Iskanders to Belarus, hangar construction ongoing - Media Archive photo: Russia may transfer a brigade set of Iskanders to Belarus (
Author: Daryna Vialko

Construction of new hangars for military equipment has begun at the military camp in Asipovichy (Belarus). These are intended for the Iskanders that Minsk is receiving from Moscow, according to Hajun and Radio Liberty.

The new satellite photos were published by the Belarusian edition of Radio Liberty. It is about the military town No. 2 South in Asipovichy, where the construction of two storage facilities for military equipment can be seen.

"They are similar to the storage facility for the Iskander-M air defense system, which was already built on the territory of this military town in 2022-23. One such hangar is designed to accommodate 13 units of equipment,” Hajun writes.

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Photo: Construction of hangars (

It is noted that the new storage facilities are specifically intended for the Iskanders. Previously, the Belarusian Armed Forces received at least 18 units of equipment from the Iskander-M missile system. The previously built storage facility was not enough for such a quantity.

Hajun concludes that the construction of new storage facilities may indicate that Russia plans to transfer a brigade set of the Iskander-M missile system to Belarus.

What is a brigade set

The Iskander-M brigade set includes the following equipment:

  • Self-propelled launchers
  • Transport and loading vehicles
  • Missiles
  • Integrated automated control system
  • Technical condition monitoring tools
  • Data preparation center

In total, this comprises 51 units of equipment.

Iskanders in Belarus

The Belarusian army has received Iskander missile systems from Russia. Earlier this year, Alexander Lukashenko claimed that two divisions of Iskander-M missile systems had entered service.

Later, Hajun recorded the movement of Iskanders in the Minsk region. It is important to note that the Iskander-M is in service in the 465th Missile Brigade, which is stationed in Asipovichy.