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Russia has problems with use of aerial bombs - British intelligence

Russia has problems with use of aerial bombs - British intelligence Photo: Russia has problems using aerial bombs (Getty Images)

Russia is experiencing issues with the application of air bombs, which are sometimes dropped on its own territory by occupiers. This poses a threat to the Russian civilian population, says the British Ministry of Defense.

In Britain, they recalled that on May 4, a Russian fighter jet dropped an FAB-500 over Belgorod. The region's governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, stated that there was an explosion but did not specify the cause. According to him, 30 houses, 10 cars, and 5 people were damaged.

Additionally, on February 18, there was information that an FAB-250 fell near Belgorod, leading to the evacuation of 150 people.

According to media estimates, about 20 munitions were dropped over the Belgorod region in this manner from March to April 2024.

" These instances indicate Russia's continued inability to successfully employ their munitions on intended targets. Such errors have destructive and lethal consequences for the Russian population," the summary stated.

Similar incidents in Russian territory

On May 4, an explosion occurred in Belgorod, likely due to the fall of an aviation bomb. This happened while Russians were shelling Kharkiv and the surrounding area.

Also, in April 2024, Russian aviation accidentally dropped a Kh-59 missile on the Belgorod region, 92 km from the border with Ukraine.

Similar incidents were recorded last year as well. For example, in April 2023, a Russian Su-34 aircraft dropped a bomb on Belgorod.