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Russia has fuel shortage due to strikes on refineries, Belarus helps it

Russia has fuel shortage due to strikes on refineries, Belarus helps it Russia has fuel shortage (photo: Getty Images)

After several successful attacks on Russian oil refineries, Moscow is facing a significant shortage of fuel. Currently, the needs are covered by imports from Belarus, reports the National Resistance Center of Ukraine.

"Kremlin-occupied Belarus is increasing fuel supplies to Russia due to a shortage caused by repairs at enemy refineries," the NRC said.

According to locals, the oil refining sector of Belarus has seen a surge in the production of jet fuel and its supply to Russia by rail.

Militants of the Wagner PMC terrorist group and a security battalion of the Belarusian Interior Ministry are responsible for organizing the protection of transportation on the territory of Belarus.

"Russia without fuel is an excellent illustration of Putin's rule (referring to Russian leader Vladimir Putin - ed.). However, Lukashenko's regime (self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko - ed.) is not able to cover the deficit and is only a method of patching holes. But his assistance is evidence of the self-proclaimed dictator's aggression against our country and the occupied republic's participation in the war against Ukraine," the center added.

Attacks on Russian refineries

Since the beginning of the year, Ukrainian special services and the military have been conducting regular attacks on oil refineries in Russia.

The first attack took place on January 21, when kamikaze drones hit the Novatek refinery in Ust-Luga. The latest attack took place on the night of May 17. Then the drones hit the Tuapse refinery.

The refinery exports diesel fuel and fuel oil. It has been out of service for the past three months after the attack in late January and has only recently resumed operations.

Meanwhile, the United States has called on Ukraine to stop the attacks, fearing rising gasoline prices on the international market.