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Russia has been using more drones recently - Estonian General Staff Chief

Russia has been using more drones recently - Estonian General Staff Chief Chief of the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces, Colonel Eero Rebo (
Author: Maria Kholina

Russian forces have made limited progress on the frontline in Ukraine as they escalate artillery fire and ramp up their use of drones, according to Estonian Defense Forces Chief of Staff Colonel Eero Rebo.

Rebo said that the aggressors' advancement remains modest due to Ukraine's strong defensive capabilities.

"It is also true that (Russian regime leader Vladimir) Putin's side has more cannons, more projectiles to fire at the Ukrainians. And we also see that the activity of operating drones is no longer a monopoly of Ukraine, but the other side of this game is also gone On the other hand, we see from the Ukrainian side how people are kept, how they dare to give away positions when they are hopeless, and how blood is shed in defense to replace artillery shells, infantrymen shoot and hit more," said the colonel.

He added that since the start of full-scale invasion, Russia's defense industry has significantly boosted production. However, Rebo believes it's impossible to transform the entire economy into a wartime economy.

The colonel highlighted Russia's considerable efforts to increase drone production while simultaneously enhancing capabilities to counter Ukrainian drones.

Frontline situation

According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Russian forces are attempting to advance along multiple directions in the Donetsk region.

There were 60 combat engagements on the frontline in Ukraine within the past day. Rocket forces struck three enemy artillery units.