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Russia forms reserves to support current operations, but not offensive - ISW

Russia forms reserves to support current operations, but not offensive - ISW The Russians are preparing reserves to support current operations in Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

The Russian military is forming reserves to support ongoing military operations in Ukraine. However, these units will not be able to carry out large-scale offensive operations, according to a report by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

It is noted that the Russian military has begun recruiting personnel for units of the recently reconstituted Leningrad Military District (LMD).

The UK Ministry of Defence reported that the 44th Army Corps of the LMD has started recruiting in the Luga of the Leningrad region.

The department recalled that earlier the Kremlin had used newly formed units to conduct operations in Ukraine. They added that Russia's need to continue operations in Ukraine hinders its broader efforts to shape regular Armed Forces. This corresponds to the longstanding assessment of the Institute for the Study of War regarding current Russian military reforms.

"ISW continues to assess that Russia is forming reserves capable of sustaining ongoing operations in Ukraine, but that such reserves are unlikely to be able to function as cohesive large-scale penetration or exploitation formations in 2024," the report said.

Threat of an offensive on Kharkiv

Recently, Russian media reported that aggressors are planning an operation to surround and potentially occupy Kharkiv. For this purpose, a covert mobilization is allegedly being prepared in the Russian Federation.

However, the mayor Ihor Terekhov dismissed the information in the Russian media about the preparation of a covert mobilization to surround Kharkiv as another hostile information and psychological operation.

In February, Illia Yevlash, head of the press service of the Khortytsia Operational and Strategic Group of troops, mentioned that there is no evidence of the formation of a powerful Russian grouping for a renewed offensive on Kharkiv.

ISW confirmed that Russia is not preparing an operation to surround Kharkiv