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Russia establishing new army for war with Ukraine

Russia establishing new army for war with Ukraine Russia establishing new army for war with Ukraine (Photo: Getty Images)

According to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense's Twitter account, in the past two months, Russia has reportedly initiated the formation of new significant military units, most likely in an effort to bolster its ground forces, including the 25th General Military Army.

As outlined in the report, following its invasion of Ukraine, Russia primarily engaged mobilized reservists to reinforce existing units or to be integrated into infantry regiments. The creation of entirely new general military organizations, such as the General Military Armies, has been a rarity.

According to British intelligence, the exception was the establishment of the 3rd Army Corps in the summer of 2022, which overall performed poorly.

"Russia will likely deploy any new formation as a reserve force in Ukraine. However, in the long term, Russia aspires to strengthen its forces facing NATO. Without a major new wave of mandatory mobilization, Russia is unlikely to find enough new troops to resource even one new army," the UK Ministry of Defense stated.

Mobilization efforts in Russia

The Russian government is placing a high priority on amending legislation to expedite the conscription of more men into the military. The State Duma has raised the maximum conscription age from 27 to 30, while maintaining the lower age limit at 18.

Furthermore, the upper age limit for those subject to conscription into the reserve has been extended, allowing senior officers to be mobilized until the age of 70.

Meanwhile, according to British intelligence, the Ukrainian Armed Forces' counteroffensive in the south has already strained the capabilities of two Russian armies.

According to surveys conducted by the independent "Levada Center," support for the war with Ukraine has remained consistent since February 2022. In July, 75% of respondents approved of the war. Moreover, 60% of the population view the war as a success.