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Russia deploys ships with Kalibr missiles to Black and Azov Seas

Russia deploys ships with Kalibr missiles to Black and Azov Seas Photo: Russian Kalibr missile carriers in the Black and Azov Seas (screenshot from YouTube video)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

As of Monday morning, June 10, Russia has deployed ships capable of carrying Kalibr missiles to the Black and Azov Seas, according to the Ukrainian Navy.

Thus, there is one Russian carrier ship carrying Kalibr missiles in the Black Sea. The total volley is up to 4 missiles.

There are 8 Russian ships in the Sea of Azov, 3 of them are Kalibr carriers with a total volley of up to 24 missiles.

In the Mediterranean Sea, there are 2 Russian ships with Kalibr missiles with a total volley of up to 12 missiles.

During the day, in the interests of Russia, the Kerch Strait was passed:

  • 7 ships to the Black Sea, 2 of which continued to move towards the Bosphorus;
  • 4 ships sailed to the Sea of Azov, 4 of them were heading from the Bosphorus.

“The Russian Federation continues to violate the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea of 1974 (SOLAS) by disabling automatic identification systems (AIS),” the Ukrainian military adds.

Situation at front

According to the Institute of War Studies, Russians are increasing pressure in Donbas, but the Ukrainian Armed Forces counterattacked in the Kharkiv region.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces will start testing domestic guided aerial bombs.

The Southern Ukrainian Defense Forces report that Russians have set up reloading submarines with Kalibr missiles in Novorossiysk.