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Russia acts atypical during night attacks on Ukraine, Air Force Spokesperson says

Russia acts atypical during night attacks on Ukraine, Air Force Spokesperson says Ballistic missile (Twitter)

Russia has been employing its weaponry in atypical ways recently during attacks on Ukrainian territory, notably increasing its use of ballistic missiles, as Yuriy Ihnat, the Spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force, said to Ukrainian TV.

He said that it's impossible to intercept ballistic missiles at a long distance because the range of the Patriot missile defense system is limited to a few tens of kilometers.

However, cruise missiles can be intercepted not only by missile defense systems but also by mobile fire units and aircraft. Therefore, missiles of this type can be destroyed before they reach their targets, including Kyiv, which has been frequently targeted by Russian attacks recently.

Ihnat also said that Russia has been employing its weaponry in unusual ways recently, specifically making active use of ballistic weaponry, such as the "Iskander" missiles.

"They strike with those 'Iskanders' when they think we are not expecting it. But as you can see, the 'Iskanders' are intercepted both over the capital and on its approaches. It can be said that they lack a systematic approach," the spokesperson said.

He also said that typically, occupiers attack Ukraine with kamikaze drones around 11 PM. By 4 AM, the drones are hovering in the sky, and Ukrainian soldiers hunt them throughout the country. At the same time, cruise missiles are launched at night, between 1 AM and 3 AM.

Ihnat said that Russians aim to strike specific targets in the capital, exhaust Ukraine's air defense, keep the population on edge, and sow panic.

Last night, Russia attacked the capital with 10 cruise and ballistic missiles, all of which were intercepted. However, the debris fell onto a roadway and near a clinic, resulting in three fatalities. Tonight, the occupiers again struck Ukraine and specifically the capital. This time, they employed 15 cruise missiles and 21 strike drones, which were destroyed by Ukraine's air defense systems. The attack injured an 11-year-old child and a 68-year-old man.