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Rules of behavior with phone in public transport

Rules of behavior with phone in public transport What to do with your phone on public transportation (photo: Freepik)

Phones have become an integral part of human life. To ensure that a smartphone functions properly, it is necessary to take care of it correctly. It is also essential to look after your gadget, especially when going down into the subway, according to Garden.firenew.

What you need to do with your phone

Most people don't do anything with their mobile phones in the subway. However, the device's load may increase.

The mobile signal in the subway is not very good. Nonetheless, the smartphone continues to search for a signal repeatedly. As a result, the battery level quickly decreases.

In particular, if a person regularly uses the subway, the battery will wear out much faster.

However, activating the airplane mode feature will help avoid this problem. When going down into the subway, the phone should be switched to airplane mode.

After that, all wireless technologies on the device will be turned off. The mobile phone will stop seeking a signal and searching for a Wi-Fi network, and the battery charge will not be quickly consumed.

Habits that harm your phone

Non-original chargers

It is recommended to charge the phone with the original charger. Using a different charger, such as a budget alternative, can quickly damage the battery.

Improper storage

The phone should be stored in a dry place as exposure to moisture or temperature fluctuations can render it unusable. Users are also advised to use a protective case and avoid using the phone in extreme cold or direct sunlight.

Phone overloading

To ensure your phone lasts as long as possible, it's advisable not to clutter it with too many apps. Each app constantly uses the device's resources, which can lead to its aging. Additionally, having a large number of installed apps can slow down the smartphone's performance.