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Restaurants in Spain permitted to charge extra for tables in the shade

Restaurants in Spain permitted to charge extra for tables in the shade Photo: Restaurant in Spain (

The Spanish government has allowed restaurants to charge extra for tables in the shade or in the sun. However, customers must be informed in advance. Restaurants will be fined if they violate rules regarding prices and menus, informs

The authorities of the province of Andalusia have warned that catering establishments must adhere to rules regarding bills and forms of payment for their services. In particular, they are allowed to set different prices for serving tables in the sun or in the shade.

At the same time, it is a condition to inform visitors about increased prices before they place an order. This can be indicated in the menu, price list, or other form of advertising.

It is noted that establishments will not be able to charge a higher fee for tables of a certain type or location. However, a higher price may be set for each dish served on the terrace if clearly stated in the price list.

Restaurants are prohibited from charging fees for table reservations and imposing mandatory tips on the bill. Visitors should not be obliged to buy bottled water, as tap water should be freely available.

Also, all prices must be indicated and easily visible. This applies to the weight of dishes as well.

According to the rules, restaurants cannot offer menus solely through QR codes, as not everyone has smartphones capable of reading such codes. Establishments also cannot require visitors to pay only by card.