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Republicans fear trap for Trump in $60 billion Ukraine aid package

Republicans fear trap for Trump in $60 billion Ukraine aid package Donald Trump (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

The bill providing $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, currently under consideration in the U.S. Senate, includes support until September 2025. This could become a trap for former President Donald Trump if he is re-elected, according to Republican Sen. J.D. Vance.

He mentions that the bill providing aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan could tie Trump's hands if he were to become U.S. president again and wanted to suspend funding for Ukraine.

This is because the term of part of the funds provided by the bill expires nine months after the start of the next presidential term (January 20, 2025). In Vance's opinion, this effectively constrains Trump from making his own decisions regarding spending on Ukraine.

"The supplemental represents an attempt by the foreign policy blob/deep state to stop President Trump from pursuing his desired policy, and if he does so anyways, to provide grounds to impeach him and undermine his administration. All Republicans should oppose its passage," states Vance's office.

U.S. assistance to Ukraine

Last year, U.S. President Joe Biden called on Congress to allocate over $100 billion for national security needs. Of these, over $60 billion is requested by the White House to finance assistance to Ukraine.

The $100 billion package also includes funds for border protection. However, Republicans did not support the initiative and demanded tougher measures on migration policy. At the same time, they threatened to vote for assistance to Ukraine only if it were tied to border security.

After that, Democrats and Republicans began negotiations on a compromise bill. The document has already been drafted, but Congress refused to support it.

Then the Senate decided to consider assistance to Ukraine separately from the issue of borders.

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