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Recognizing emotional exhaustion: Not obvious signs

Recognizing emotional exhaustion: Not obvious signs Signs of emotional exhaustion (photo:

Understanding emotional exhaustion is not always easy, as it often marks the onset of various mental and psychological disorders. There are subtle factors that indicate emotional exhaustion, according to the program How Are You? on Telegram.

Experts note that in the hectic pace of life and prolonged stress, we may not immediately notice how we become emotionally drained.

During such times, it is crucial to heed the warning signs of accumulated fatigue and promptly take care of oneself – altering activities, habits, reviewing sleep and nutrition routines, and reconsidering leisure activities, among others.

Here are some less obvious signs of emotional exhaustion:

1. Irritability over trivial matters.

2. Difficulty mustering motivation, feeling inattentive.

3. Nervousness without apparent reasons.

4. Loss of appetite or disinterest in food.

5. Persistent fatigue despite poor sleep at night.

6. Even simple tasks, like answering messages, seem challenging.

7. Invitations from friends to spend time together no longer appeal – you simply crave solitude.

If you recognize these signs in yourself and find it challenging to cope with stress and its consequences independently, consider seeking recommendations from a professional.

Earlier, we discussed habits that can detrimentally impact psychological well-being.

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