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Queen Camilla takes break from royal duties: Details

Queen Camilla takes break from royal duties: Details Queen Camilla (photo:
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Queen Camilla has decided to take a break after a busy week of royal duties and is taking a break, according to People.

Queen Camilla takes break from work

After a busy period of helping to care for her husband, King Charles III, who was diagnosed with cancer and acting on his behalf during some of the royal trips, the Queen announced this week that she is taking a break from royal duties.

Palace sources say the 76-year-old queen regularly plans vacations at this time of year. One source says that this is a planned week of alone time, is common for her in early spring, and indicates that it is not related to the king's health.

However, it is worth noting that Camilla's vacation will not be long, as an important event is scheduled for the following Monday.

The next scheduled royal event will be when she will lead the family, instead of the monarch, at Westminster Abbey in London for the annual Commonwealth Day service on March 11. The King is expected to participate only in a video message that will be played during the service.

Queen Camilla takes break from royal duties: DetailsQueen Camilla with King Charles III (photo:

Queen Camilla's vacation means that three of the four most senior members of the royal family are out of the public eye.

It is now known that King Charles, 75, has resigned from most of his public duties as he underwent cancer treatment, although he continues to work behind the scenes and has even been seen on several occasions going for walks or to church.

The Prince of Wales, on the other hand, returned to royal duties in February after taking a leave of absence to help his wife recover and keep their children as well as possible.

It turns out that while Camilla is on vacation, William is the only member of the royal family who will be able to perform all royal duties in the absence of Queen Camilla, his wife Kate, and King Charles.