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Putin's 'election' labeled most fraudulent in Russian history - Media

Putin's 'election' labeled most fraudulent in Russian history - Media Russia's dictator, Vladimir Putin (Photo: Getty Images)

The so-called "elections" of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin were the most dishonest in the history of the Russian Federation. The scale of falsifications was unprecedented, and the number of forged "votes" is impossible to determine, according to Meduza.

The Russian agency notes that the Central Election Commission of Russia continues to publish the results of the "voting" at polling stations. Putin ran as a self-nominated candidate and allegedly received 87.28% of the votes, with a turnout of 77.44%. Both figures are record-breaking in the history of modern Russia.

The Russian agency's report reveals a deeply concerning trend. While challenging to determine, the scale of these falsifications is alarmingly larger than in the previous elections in 2018, suggesting a systematic effort to manipulate the results.

The anomaly in the results can be explained primarily by the fact that ballots for candidates are physically thrown into ballot boxes or a certain number of ballots are attributed to the protocols.

The agency found that turnout at some polling stations was identical and systematically changed over time. Thus, the data is likely fabricated.

"Meduza" created a so-called "comet tail" to show how people "voted" for Putin in 2018 and 2024.

Putin's 'election' labeled most fraudulent in Russian history - MediaPutin's 'election' labeled most fraudulent in Russian history - Media

Pseudo-elections in Russia

From March 15 to 17, "presidential elections" were held in Russia. However, even before the start of the "voting," the Kremlin announced that the dictator Vladimir Putin would be re-elected with a result of 90%.

In addition, illegal "voting" took place in the occupied territories of Ukraine. The Main Intelligence Directorate reported that Ukrainians were forced to "vote" for the dictator under pressure and intimidation.

As expected, the Russian Central Election Commission announced that it had almost processed the results of the "elections" and declared nearly "record-breaking" voting figures for Putin.