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Psychologist says which female actions kill men's interest

Psychologist says which female actions kill men's interest Which female actions kill men's interest (photo: Freepik)

It's quite common for certain female actions to kill a man's interest. These actions can vary, as each man has his taboos in relationships with women, according to psychologist Dmytro Ostapenko.

Which female actions kill men's interest

It often happens that relationships are ruined by the behaviour of women themselves, who simply do not understand what they are doing wrong. In reality, their behaviour, actions, and feelings can greatly influence a man's actions.

"Even if a woman does not say that she disrespects him or does not accept or is offended by her husband, he can feel it next to her," says Dmytro.

According to the psychologist, a man loses interest when he feels emotional coldness from you. Feelings of condemnation, disgust in the look, and so on.

Психолог сказав, які жіночі дії вбивають інтерес чоловіків

What actions by women kill men's interest (photo: Freepik)

"These things affect in such a way that a man closes up, distances himself, and turns to other matters," explains Dmitry.

"To avoid ruining your marriage or relationships with such actions, you need to understand that criticism, insults, and contempt towards your husband will affect the relationship, even if you keep silent about it," the psychologist continues.

Therefore, if you treat your loved one as an enemy, you will feel a certain pain and contempt each time, and this applies to women, then in this case, the man will try to escape constantly.

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