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Psychologist reveals how man can destroy family

Psychologist reveals how man can destroy family How a man can ruin a family (photo: Freepik)

A man, through his actions and behavior, can ruin not only relationships but also his own family.

How exactly men can do this, according to a video conversation between psychologist Dmytro Ostapenko and Oleh Bohomaz.

How a man can destroy his own family

"The greatest harm a man can do to his family is his pride in all situations. Pride, when he cannot admit his mistakes, self-centeredness, and egoism when he cannot see the needs of his wife," said Oleh.

He also gave an example that each person has an emotional satisfaction bank, which is filled by satisfying simple basic needs, both in men and women - equally, but they are different.

"And if a woman's needs are not satisfied for a long time, and she, for example, wants communication, wants to feel financial security - it is one of her needs, for a woman, it is like respect for a man. If these needs are not satisfied, criticism begins," explained the expert.

In other words, when a man does nothing to fulfill his woman's needs, she burns out and may leave because the person is emotionally depleted and has nothing left inside, no energy.

In such cases, women may fall into aggression, and depression, may begin to hate their partner, or find what they lack in another person who spends time with them, listens to them, cares for them, and gives compliments, thus filling the woman, instead of sending her to friends.

"So, our male egoism and pride are the two biggest problems in almost every family," concludes Oleh.