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Psychologist revealed whole truth about 'adult' relationships and love without filters

Psychologist revealed whole truth about 'adult' relationships and love without filters A psychologist talked about "adult" relationships (photo: Freepik)

Each person grows up in their unique world, with different ideas about what ideal relationships should be. However, over time, everyone comes to understand that perfection does not exist in real interactions.

This information is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Telegram community Psychological Support.

Partner cannot love unconditionally

Ukrainian psychologist Olha Korbut explained that even the relationship between a mother and a baby is actually one-sided. The mother selflessly gives, sometimes forgetting about her own needs, while the baby only receives.

In adult relationships, it is difficult to find someone willing to engage in a one-sided exchange. The foundation of any healthy relationship lies in mutual exchange - exchanging what we lack and what we can offer to the other party.

We can be unloved

Every adult has the freedom of choice, and it is absolutely normal. There are no guarantees that could protect us from abandonment.

It is important to remember that everyone has the right to decide whether they want to stay in a relationship or not. This right is mutual, and you also possess the freedom to choose to be with someone else at a certain period of your life.

Relationships are a mutual compromise

An expert says that finding the perfect partner who would be an exact copy of yourself is impossible because each of us has our unique life experiences, upbringing, and value system.

Therefore, relationships are about the ability to negotiate, seeking solutions where both partners will feel comfortable.

Partner is not capable of fulfilling all needs

A partner can give a lot, but they cannot and should not satisfy all our desires. Disappointment may be related to the desire to recreate a childhood experience, perhaps filled with fear and anxiety, so in adult life, a person may seek compensation.

What are healthy adult relationships

Healthy, mature, or adult relationships are not about being able to stay and continue loving a partner even when faced with disappointment, uncertainty, and dissatisfaction.

Adult relationships are about the ability to deal with fear or anxiety when exploring something new, not being afraid to confront imperfections. It is also about being open to the new, the unexplored, and perhaps very interesting.

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